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for today, this is a start

I may add to this list, but this is a good start as to how I would love to live my life, each day, in the here and now, today….

study the lives of those in whom you find inspiration

listen to what they have to say

spend quiet time each day


listen to your inner voice

listen to the universe

each day learn one thing


find what manner of spirituality feeds your soul

practice your spirituality

start your day with a good intention

find what fulfills you in life, and experience it with all of your body, mind, and soul

practice compassion, or learn how to

live by actions, not words

never give up

So what happens when the message you have been sending changes.  When you go from one extreme to another in the feelings, thoughts, and words you are expressing.  Whether it be from negative to positive, or positive to negative.

Do you count those who leave you as never having been true friends to begin with?

Or do you count those who leave you as existing on another level, in a different path, as what you are on?

And what feelings and thoughts does that bring up for you?

Just contemplation.


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